Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Amplfying Young Women's Voices in Swaziland!

Sister Sister!!!!
One of the major things that SYWON seeks to do in the year 2013 is to ensure that the stories of young women in Swaziland and across Southern Africa are told. We intend to capture all the stories that young women are willing to tell and share them with the world. Thus we have created this blog. We call upon all you sisters out there to share stories on issues affecting you or affecting other young women in your areas, communities, cities or countries. You can write on any issue under Feminisim, Sexual Reproductive Health, Gender and Human Rights as well as Leadership. This is however not limiting, you are also welcomed to share stories of work that you may be doing in your communities in the advancement of young women, success stories, impact of SYWON work on you or people around you. Such stories can be emailed to or and they will be posted on the blog.
Let us amplfy our voices sisters!!!
Sister Sister!!